How does all this inspection stuff work?

     First of all, congratulations!!  You're here because you're selling your house  or you hope to buy your forever home.  My home inspections usually last 3-4 hours.  I like to have the buyer in attendance for the last hour.  It really helps educate the buyer being there for a walk through.  After scheduling your inspection you will receive a pre-inspection agreement which spells out what is and is not inspected.  I use the same scheduling software as realtors for gaining access to the properties.  A home inspection is not a pass/fail.  Nor is it a guarantee of how long items will last or perform. I follow the Standards of Practice laid out by the State of Wisconsin.  You will receive a link to my detailed report full of pictures and descriptions.  I can't tell you if you should buy or walk or if your getting a good or bad deal.  I let my inspections inform my clients.  Items are laid out in terms you can understand plus I'm in touch with you after you receive my report.  We go over anything together in the report you want to talk about.  You're free to reach out to me anytime, even if you don't buy the house on the report and are out looking at another.  The report is yours and yours only.  It's only shared with who you want. 

     My name is Jeff Kahl, owner/operator of Your Place Inspections LLC.  People describe me as very personable and easy to talk to.  After 30 plus years as a UPS driver I'm pretty comfortable with the customer service part of being a home inspector.  I'd be honored if you choose me to look at the home you're interested in. I look forward to meeting you and hope to be able to help you Check out Your Place.